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Red Flowers

Complimentary Energy Assessment

I used to think I was simply not good enough to have my needs met + have the things I wanted in life. Boy was I wrong. I stumbled across the chakras while I was searching online one night and my life hasn't been the same since. I have been studying this Ancient wisdom since 2018 and went on to become a Reiki Level II Practitioner as well as a Yoga & Meditation teacher. I have always had a strong intuition. Since I was little random people would come up to me and share their life story with me. I have a way of creating an open and vulnerable space for others to share their authentic selfs with me. I am here to share my gift with you, so this space is devoted to a free offering I like to call the complimentary energy assessment. We meet on a video call and talk about a few big life topics. I give you guidance on your energy and share a couple of embodiment practices I think would be helpful for you to practice on your own. From here, I may recommend doing an individual emotional alchemy session with me or I may invite you to embark on the inner child journey. 


Tap in to the world within

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