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As young and vulnerable children, we just want to be loved. And being loved means being seen, heard, and understood. Having loving parents who accept us as we are is crucial to our development and blossoming into our highest expression. But if we grew up with parents who tried to control our every move, parents who did not support our natural expression, we instead learn rejection. If our parents were absent or emotionally neglectful, we learn abandonment. Both can be changed. But we have to do some work to reprogram our mind / body connection. Because we were so young and vulnerable when we learned to put on a facade and build high walls to keep our loved ones out after hurting us, we must work now to break down those walls. I have been working tirelessly for the past 6 years to break down my own walls and welcome my own love in and it's not an easy journey, but it is a lot more fun and integrative when working with others. 

This space is devoted to discovering who you are on the inside and exploring that little girl. In this journey, you will discover ways in which you hold yourself back and stop yourself from living your fullest expression. Along the way, we will tap in to the body's wisdom using sacred embodiment practices like soothing self massage, breath work, body work, visualizations, and meditations all leading to the integration of the inner child. When we integrate our inner child life becomes full again, fun, and free. We can then feel safe enough to express ourselves exactly as we were meant to. 

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